Clash of Cultures in San Francisco

Tuesday the 3rd July

Today the day began good. I was round about 24 hours awake and the last two hours between 8 and 9 were very hard. But at least I haThe famous priaon: Alcatrazdn’t jetlag. Today I woke up about 4:30 a.m. and it was very weird getting up so early and having enough Power for the day. I hope I will sleep a bit better this night. After having breakfast at
6:30 a.m. we drove to a suburb of San Francisco to pick up our rental car. We haven’t a Pick-up Truck, but the prejudice that many Americans drive

them is completely true. I think every 15th car is a Pick-Up. After this we drove to a highlight of our SFO Tour: The Golden Gate Bridge. Driving through this wonderful bridge, listening to “San Francisco” from Vanessa Carlton is a very powerful and wonderful moment which I will remember for a long time. Viewing this bridge only at TV is completely another world. It’s like comparing a person who is watching football at TV and someone who plays at the field. After the bridge we went to viewing point to have a better look at this tall, big and red building. The first time we were there it was a classical San Francisco whether. It was foggy and dizzy. At the first time the pictures were not so nice as at the second time we were there about 10 hours later and the timing was on point with the sunset. I hoped the red sun would be bigger to make prettier photos, but I can’t have everything in the world. At round about 12 p.m. we had lunch at an Asian restaurant which was very good and after that we went to the Clarion Alley Street to watch the grafitti at the walls. Everyone of them had another story to tell us. Some about Capitalism, some about racism or maybe another topic. This was at the district “Mission”. Lot of homeless and poor people live there. I think this part of San Francisco is the criminal part of the city, because there were people drunk or smoking cannabis. I was relieved when I sat down in our car and we drove out of it. I think it is important for me to see how I could end if I take drugs or something but too much time is definitely not good for a kid. After this little shock we went to downtown and I must say I thought there were more high skyscrapers. The skyline is okay. Not so big as in Dubai but is was also nice to see. After driving through it we went to the ferry harbor to take a ferry to Sausalito (the district where the rich live). On board we could saw the full skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge (the third time!) and the famous prison called Alcatraz. Sausalito was nice. It wasn’t top busy and there were shops too. Most of them were cafes or souvenir shops but that was part of the feeling there. After getting back we drove to the Fisherman’s Wharf where a lot of boats, shops and restaurants. Ouhh…and we saw some see lions there. At the end this day was awesome. We saw a lot of nice things in San Francisco and were in a lot of shops. But now it’s late and I’m going to fall asleep in front of my laptop. So…Good night!

Here are some photos too:

Me and my dad in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

The famous prison: Alcatraz

Downtown San Francisco:

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