One slice of Americana

Wednesday the 4th July

Hello and welcome everybody to another day of our US trip. Today is the 4th July which is the biggest national day in the year. Only in San Francisco were about 30 parties to celebrate this day with music, street food, attractions or shows. We went to a little town called Pleasenton. There was one of the biggest livestock markets in the whole US: the Alameda Country FAIR. There were concerts, action sports (motocross shows), horse racing, carnival, festivals, agriculture and lasts but not least: the food. It was very huge and a lot of people were there but no tourists, only “real” Americans. At the market we saw a funny thing too: There was a pig racing. I haven`t never seen a pig race before but I was a bit afraid when they said that they won’t race today. But in resume the first part of the day was fun. Oh…and I ate my first Corn Dog. Corn Dogs taste very yummy. The flavor is difficult to explain because it’s completely new for me. After eating lunch there we went to a horse race to watch it. That was another new experience for me and it was fun to look at it because so much people were there and were cheering the horses or the racers on. We only saw two “races” because after every race they had a 20 minutes break to make the floor wet. I thought the races were a little bit longer because they only run for about 50 or 100 meters and not more. After the livestock market we went to the Lombard street in San Francisco. At first, we had to drive about streets that go 100 meters very steep in the heart of San Fran to came there. The Lombard Street is the street with the most curves of the world. At this point my father said a little phrase about San Francisco to me: “Go home San Francisco you are drunk!” and the funny thing is it’s completely true. Why should someone build a big City on so much big hills and with so much curves? It’s like a Russian hill and that’s the name of the district. At the Lombard Street we had a beautiful view over the City and after we went trough it we drove to the Coit Tower and from there we had an awesome view too. Then we drove to the Haight Street which was one of the main locations of the Hippies in the 60’s. I had a long and very good conversation with my Dad about the Generation 68 and Hippie Movement. There were shops of clothes from them, but there were also some smoke shops to buy pipes or cannabis. The street smelled a bit like the Mission Street, cannabis in the air. There was a shop to buy Sushi too and we ate there. Later on we drove to Twin Peeks and watched the 3rd time the city from above. After that we drove to Baker`s Beach to walk a little bit over the beach and make photos and then at half past 9 o’clock we saw the 4th July firework from there. It was very cold and windy there. Then we went to the hotel and now it’s the end of day three.

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