The best drive of my life

Friday the 6th July

Hello my friends to a new day of my US trip diary. Today after getting up in our Hotel in Monterey and after eating breakfast we drove to the most famous street there. The Cannery Row which became famous with the production of oil anchovies. You might know John Steinbeck`s famous book and movie with Nick Nolte about this street. Directly after opening the doors of our car we smelled the strange odor of the fabrics. The street was visited by tourists and there was a huge hotel directly in front of the ocean. The view from it was very nice. After that we went to the Carmel River State Beach which is a wonderful beach with fine sand. I have a little injury at my knee at this time and could not swim in the ocean. But hearing the sound of the waves was extremely relaxing for me. Later on we drove on one of the beautiful roads on the whole world: Highway 1. It was awesome to watch at the waves, the ocean and the whole landscape with his mountains and hills, grass and trees and the blue sky which we had this time. I flew my drone a little bit too and had made some nice shots flying over the ocean and a little bridge which was in front of me. I was surprised that the highway 1 only had one track at each side and not more. But than I saw that it couldn’t go because the street is too small for a big highway. The views on the highway were mind blowing and awesome. It is so difficult for me to describe this experience in words because on the highway one the feelings are so difficult to describe. We drove until Big Sur. While driving I felt free and ready for some adventures hearing the US trip playlist from my dad but than we had to turn around to get back to Monterey because some parts of the highway got broken after a landslide. Back in Monterey we ate a Burgers and then we continued our trip with a new direction and a new highway. The new destination was Santa Maria and we only had to drive 150 miles from 151 miles of the whole route at the highway 101. My mom drove for the very first time automatic car in US. She was a little bit nervous at the beginning. It took two and a half hours to get there and 20 minutes away from Santa Maria we went the second time at this trip shopping in outlets but this time we didn’t buy as much as the last time. One part of our adventure is that we never know at the morning where we are going to sleep at night. We checked in a Celebrity motel in Santa Maria. It was 100 years old and a lot of famous actors like Marilyn Monroe or Gary Cooper used to sleep here. After that we walked the street where our motel was down and after 15 minutes we found a Mexican restaurant. The street was not so beautiful but the cars which drove through it were awesome. I saw about 50 Pick-Ups and 40 of them tuned until the end, we saw some nice luxury cars like Porsche or Rolls Royce and we saw about 20 old muscle cars in a row. This view was very cool because it was very unexpected to see so much of them. Now back to the restaurant. After entering this restaurant it was a very funny moment because we saw in an edge some Mexican men playing some instruments and singing songs. There was a karaoke bar in the same house and we could see and hear people while singing. I thought my mum was about starting to sing as well. But we got all tired and now I am trying not to fall asleep in front of my laptop. Good night at all 🙂

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