One of the best days in my life

Saturday the 7th July

Hello again to a new day in my US trip. Today after checking out we had breakfast at Starbucks. Then we went to the electronic shop Best Buy to buy a micro SD adapter for the videos from my drone. After the trip I’m going to cut a video with my drone impressions for you. I hope everything will go right and that I am not going to crash the drone in a tree or something else. But now I would like to tell you something about the landscape between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. We drove a long time on the highways 101 and 154. Along the Pacific Highway we saw many parts with dry grass and we saw a lot of vineyards and olive trees. It remembered me of Baix Penedes area in Spain better said in Catalonian were my mom came from. The climate is similar to the one there. But the landscape is embossed by a lot of mountains and hills. After driving to Santa Barbara, where we ate some Sushi and went swimming in the ocean, we continued our trip to Los Angeles. There we checked in in our hotel where we sleep in the 9th floor. We have a fabulous viewing over the city and went swimming the second time in the pool there. Now the time was come where we drove the first time into Los Angeles City. It was a very nice moment entering LA and to see the City with my own eyes and not in front of a display from my smartphone. First of all we drove through Beverly Hills – the district where only the stars and riches from LA live – that was very cool because there were only big houses which were like little hotels and every house had a really nice cars like Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls Royce or even better cars. But most of them had two or more in front of the houses. The atmosphere there was nice because every house was covered from green bushes or trees and there I could not hear the loud noise of LA. After driving through Beverly Hills we cruised along the Sunset Boulevard and then to Hollywood Boulevard where we enjoyed walk of fame. Sun had already set and all the lights from the shops and the restaurants were glowing in different colors. We couldn’t walk over the whole walk of fame but at this part where we were some stars that even I knew. The whole street was wonderful to see and it was fun and a wonderful experience walking down one of the most fames streets in the whole world. But after all the trouble and all the people we went the next time to eat something at Melrose Place. As we get out of the car I saw someone in a bush with a long reflex camera and after I asked my dad why he was sitting in a bush with such a expensive cam making photos of a luxury restaurant we both got the same idea at the same time: it only could be a paparazzi who was making photos of a famous person. We didn`t ask him but the signs were clear. That was a very funny moment. After that little interruption in our plan we walked to the restaurant to ate something and now we are back in our hotel and I only want to say to you: “It was one of the best days in my life”.

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