Disney Adventure Park Anaheim

Monday the 9th July

Today after the same good-morning-routine of every day we drove out from Los Angeles to Annaheim which is a city half ‘n’ hour from LA. We went there because of Disneyland. After getting there we a tram drove us to the Disneyland park and the Disneyland Adventure Park entrances. After we entered the Adventure Park my little sister wanted to go to the Disney Junior Dance Party were some Characters danced with the kids there. It was nice to see my sister so happy and amused. After that we were in a musical of the movie frozen, which is the favorite movie of my little sister Maribel and watched it. The background was very cool because there were some huge screens and the other parts were lit with some beamers. The scenes in the musical were like the scenes from the movie and it was very realistic because the snow felt as soap bubbles from the sky or the ice which come in the movie from the ground came in the musical out of the stairs. That was too realistic for my little sister and because in the movie a big monster appeared in a scene my sister had a panic attack, cried and screamed that she wanted to go out of the hall, but the scene didn’t come and after my sister recognized that she had fun to watch the musical. We also enjoyed a wild river, in a little roller coaster from cars were we could make a race versus an other car. That was fun and after driving with many other things we watched the final parade were all the Disney characters danced together. Finally we watched the fireworks from the other Disney park. It was a very cool day and we all had very much fun.

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