Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica beach

Sunday the 8th July

“Today was one of the best days in my life” that’s what I am going to continue today. Today was another awesome day. After waking up and so on we drove to the Griffith Observatory here in Los Angeles where we also saw one of the most known signs in the world: The huge Hollywood sign. It was very nice to see and to make photos from it. Everything we are doing here is very unreal. It is like a dream or something. But now I’m going to tell you a little bit more about the observatory. From the observatory you can see very well LA and the whole observatory was nice to see. The telescope there was very big and later on we were in a show there about the universe and how people in history got know how big it was and the last sentence was very interesting for me: “We love to watch the stars because we all are made of star dust”. After the planetarium we drove through the Hollywood boulevard. The Hollywood boulevard had a completely other atmosphere as yesterday evening with all the lights. It was only a street with shops like all the others and not the street which everybody knows. But after driving through it we went to the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. If somebody doesn’t know what the Rodeo Drive is here a little explanation: It’s one of the most expensive streets on this planet. The street is also called: “The street where only the rich bitches of LA shop” and that`s it. There were only luxury shops like Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and so on. I think you may know that rich people have always nice cars and that’s why there only drove cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, AMG, etc. The street is very cool but it’s not always nice to see the rich people walking like if they were something better than “normal” people. Then we ate something in downtown and went to Santa Monica Beach, one of the most famous beaches in this world. It was very nice to swim in the ocean and build sand castles with my little sisters there. The water was not to cold and there were some nice waves. At the beach many people drove electric scooters. Everyone who had the app could grab them from the sand and go for a ride. It is a very cool idea but the app at my phone didn’t download and I couldn’t drive them. But after swimming we walked to the Pier and from there we had also a very good view at the ocean. At the pier were a ferris wheel and a roller coaster. Later on we were also in the fitness studio in our hotel and at least I can say it was another awesome day in my life.

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