Luxury in the desert

Hello, my friends and welcome to another day. Today after getting up and getting known that I slept accidently with my normal clothes we went to eat breakfast in Anaheim. After that we went to our car, checked out and drove to Palm Springs, where many riches live and it’s in the middle of the desert. At half way my father saw a place where we could rent quads and that’s what we have done for 30 minutes. There was a big hill or a little mountain and there we could drive down and it was very cool and it was a lot of fun. The quads had four gears and four was the fastest and one the best for driving up the hill. It was very nice driving the hill down in the fourth gear. But after all the fun we continued our trip to Palm Springs. The landscape between LA and Palm Springs changed very much. It became sandier and at Palm Springs it was only some kind of desert with a little bit of grass and Palm Trees. There were windmills as well. But nothing is impossible for the Americans. They built a city where 55.000 people live in the middle of the desert. There are many touristic attractions. You can play golf in wonderful places, swim and play in amazing swimming pools, go to fancy restaurants, visit art galleries and you can even skiing. You have to dream and your dreams become true…well, only if you got a little bit of money. The atmosphere in the city was gorgeous. There were many designer shops and stylish famous architecture from mid- 20th century. Everybody here seems to swim in money and at the same time you feel secure. There is no place for poor people on the streets. It was very heating and it was difficult to breath this warm air. There were many families with kids in the city. We wanted to an Indian canyon known agua caliente but it was closed. The weather was too sticky and we decided no to hike with my lazy sisters.

But now another thing: because my father is often at business trips and collects points in a hotel application and that’s the reason why we slept in a room in the hotel Hilton for 450$. After getting there we went directly to the pool, swam and played there together for about 3 hours. After all the fun we went to eat dinner and were in a very good restaurant where I ate a steak. A nice invention which I only saw there is that they have outside in the restaurants some kind of water gland that sprays water to cool down the area because without it it’s impossible to eat something outside. Later on we walked through a shopping street, too. But my text today is very short because we didn’t do so much. But at all it was a nice day.

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