The Valley from God (Monument Valley)

Thursday the 12th July

Today was another driving day. But let me tell you the whole story. After my everyday-waking up-routine we went to breakfast at the Café “Macy’s” which is the best in Flagstaff. After that we continued our trip to Utah,driving through the red desert. At the streets were only every 20 kilometers or more gas stations and there were only a few little towns. Along the roads were often ranches but most of them were broken and nobody lives there. But the highlight was entering the Monument Valley National Park and seeing the big red mountains with their awesome forms. It isn’t possible for me to describe my feelings, emotions and views here in the blog, because it’s a completely different thing to see the Monument Valley with my own eyes and not with a screen in front of me. After we entered it we saw many mountains called “the tables” because there are flat on top and very high. Later we drove to a viewing point where we could make also some trips trough the National Park in a big Pick-Up truck and with explanations about the different Monuments but they were very expensive (100$ per person). We could make the trip with a car too, but our car was not high enough and it would keep stuck. That was the reason why we didn’t make the trip through the different monuments there. But we saw many of them and it was also an awesome memory without the tour too. My father is very happy that he and my Mom changed plans from visitinh Yosemite und Sequoia National Parks to the Monument Valleyand the Escalante National Parks. What I saw ‘till now is one of the beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Many times you can see the horizon in 100 kilometers distance. It’s very impressive. A little information for you too: The monument valley began since 570 million years to take the form which it has now. The forms exists because so much water took the dirt and stone from the mountains. I also flew my drone and it was very exciting to see the monuments and mountains from above. At about 6 o’clock we drove to our lodge (a hotel in the middle of the nature) we went to the pool which was there and enjoyed the view from there. Later on we went to the restaurant from our hotel and I ate a very delicious steak, which was medium-rare, with grilled vegetables and potatoes. An interesting thing I recognized was that the landscape changed between Bluff, where our lodge was, and the “central” of the Monument Valley. At Bluff the sand was more yellow and there were more trees. The summary of this day is: It was an awesome day with awesome views and a good temperature. It was not too hot or too cold. We saw also some animals in the desert (some kind of mouse or squirrel and some lizards).

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