Utah, a land of contrast

Friday the 13th July

Today is Friday the 13th and luckily we hadn’t problems today. But let me tell everything what we have done today. First of all the day began like every other day. I woke up and we had breakfast in one café. Round about 5 kilometers from our Lodge we saw on a long street a little fort and it was interesting to see how people lived in the 19th century. Right after that we saw a cool form of rocks which are called “the Twin Rocks”. After a little drone flight there we continued the trip through all these canyons. We drove about 6 hours today and were in the Dark Canyon, the Canyon Rims (where the Colorado river flows). My parents decided not to visit the lake Powel because it was too hot for them (like 40°C or something) but later on we get knew that it was a big mistake and the photos from Google about the lake were wonderful! The Landscape changed very often. From a red to a yellow desert or we drove also through landscapes with trees and plants. But sometimes the landscape reminded me as the landscape from some Star Wars movies with all the mountains and the desert. We also drove through the wonderful Glen Canyon with the big river and the Capitol Reef National Park where they weren’t rocks, but there was also some vegetation and trees grew there. It was good to see something different after two days of rocks and desert. The highlight there was that some Indians wrote something into the rocks and one big mountain and it was nice to see how good some paintings can be conserved about 1.000 years. Then we drove to the biggest canyon I’ve ever seen: The Goosenecks Canyon in the Goosenecks State Park. It is a 250 meters deep canyon with many different colors and it was like the Grand Canyon. There was a little river at the bottom too. I had an amazing view from there and it was very beautiful. Later on we drove through some other Parks and after all we arrived at the Dixie Forest National Park, which is a very green park with many trees, plants and animals. We saw cows there, deers and horses. But at all I am glad that we finally are here in our hotel and after relaxing in the pool I’m tired. Good Night!

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