Hiking adventure

Saturday the 14th July

Good morning and welcome to a walking day. Today after all the morning stuff and doing sport in the gym we went to the Escalante Grand Staircase National Park, where the landscape was like a mix from a red or yellow desert and there were some trees and plants sometimes too. We were there, because we went hiking. We walked a loop, which was called “Panorama Tour” and the views from there were amazing. It was at nearly the hole hike fun but when we were on top of one mountain in about 2000 meters I had some kind of dizzy feeling in my head and some little problems to look. But as I sat down the feeling went away. We also flew the drone on top of the mountain and I hope that the little clips are cool. The tour was about 10 kilometers and at the tour we also saw a natural rock arch. We could not stay more time on top of the mountain, because a big storm was in coming and I didn’t want to be a grilled Joel. After the tour we were all tired and our feet hurt. At the tour back we saw two more arcs around the road, but the coolest thing was that the desert has very much streets “which have no name”, betters said where not cars drive and at one of these streets my father said that I could drive a little bit and it was very cool. I thought that driving a car would be more difficult, but I drove already quad and go cart and the car was not as different as I thought. The best thing was driving with 80 km/h through red desert. Later on we (with my father at the steering wheel) drove to a little town called Cedar, where our hotel was. At half way we went to a very good steak house where I ate a very good steak. Later on in the hotel we couldn’t break our US hotel tradition and I think now you can think what we done…yes….we jumped into the pool. After 1 hour of fun we went to a car show in the middle of downtown Cedar. There were a lot of tuned old American cars and muscle cars. It was nice to hear the sound of them. There was a band and some food trucks too. It was a nice show and party.

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