Las Vegas, Baby!

Sunday the 15th July
Bon jour and welcome to another day in our US tour. Today after the same morning thing as I do every morning we watched at first the football world cup. I am not happy that France won it, because they kicked us out at the Europe cup, but Germany was very bad this world cup. I forgot to tell you a little story that happened 2 days ago. Well, we were now 3 days in Utah, we were happy to be at the hotel and after swimming we wanted to dinner. What we forgot was that Utah had another time zone as California and that’s why we went too late to the restaurant where we wanted to go and we only ate Quiche Lorraine. The funny thing was that nobody from us realized that we were in another time zone. Now today: Today we went after checking out to the Zion National Park which is a beautiful one. After 10 minutes searching for a parking place for our car we walked to a Bus station, where the buses could take us about 10 kilometers along the Canyon. The bus had 8 stops where people could get off and went hiking or went eating in a restaurant there. We kept in the bus until the last stop and got out of the bus there. The landscape until the stop and at the stop was beautiful and it was very cool to see between the huge (about 150 meters high) canyons plants, trees and there was even a river too. We could not go hiking because the hike tour was about 2 and a half hours long and that was too much for my little two sisters, but it was also a very nice tour. After getting all the way back in the bus we walked to our car, stepped in and drove to Las Vegas (yeahhh)! Driving trough Las Vegas and seeing the first high skyscrapers was an awesome feeling. It was very nice. We went, after I made some photos of nearly every hotel in Las Vegas, to one of the most famous hotels in whole Las Vegas: The New York New York, which has a liberty statue in front of it. It is made like some buildings of New York like the Empires State Building and even it has a roller coaster in it! A ROLLER COASTER IN A HOTEL! It has two or three looping’s too. It was a very cool feeling stepping out of the car and walking down the stairs to the casino. I never thought a casino as big as this one. Okay….first I have to say that I’ve never been to a casino but it was huge. It had some machines, roulette tables, tables for Black Jack and even it had a horse race simulator! I felt like I’m not in this world and another interesting thing is that at nearly every machine and table sat someone. We went there because my father had to go to a reception from his company. The thing why we had done this trip was at first that my father had to go to a big conference called “Inspire” for 4 days and his trip was in our school holidays and that’s why my parents decided to fly to the US. After walking through the Hotel, where a little street from Manhattan was built there and walking through some shops, we picked up my dad and went to his next stop: Mandala Bay, which is another huge Hotel and Casino. First we had to go to the Excalibur Hotel where a tram drove us to Mandalay Bay. It was inside a bit like the New York New York with the casino inside and all the shops and restaurants. It had even an aquarium inside. Here in Las Vegas it’s important that every hotel has his own tourist attraction to be something special. Most of the hotels here are as big as most of the shopping centers in the north of Hessen in Germany. We also ate there and later on we walked also to the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas is another world at the evening, because it is like at all the movies with all the lights and signs. It was “classic” Las Vegas feeling for me how I thought Vegas would be. My 5 years old little sister wanted to go directly after crossing a street in front of the New York New York to a 4 floors high M&M’s shop. 4 floors only with chocolate it had also a very big wall only with the little M&M’s in all the combinations and colors. Later on, we went also to the Coca Cola shop next to it and there we could taste 20 different drinks from Coke like Fanta or Aquarius and that from all around the world. It was very cool, but it is nothing to do every day. Our first day in Las Vegas was AWESOME!! It was very funny, we all had a lot of fun and were surprised because nobody had expected that Las Vegas was like that. Then we took an uber taxi and drove to our AirBNB house 6 kilometers outside of downtown. Now I only can say good night to you and I hope the day tomorrow will be like the one today or even better!

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