Bye, Bye USA!

Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th of July

Today I have a bad message for you. Today was our last day of our awesome US tour and the last day of my trip diary. I’ve written Wednesday and Thursday because we travel through some time zones. But let me begin from the beginning. At first I thought that today wasn’t our last day, because my dad told me that and that’s the reason why my mom ran at 7:40 a.m. (!) into my room and woke me up. She was very upset, because we had to left our house at 11 o’clock and she woke up many times, because at about 2 o’clock the police drove 2 hours through the block where our house was. You can maybe think what happened after waking up everyone from my family. We should hurry up and although we had enough time my mom said every ten minutes that we should clean up everything and look if we have everything, but we had everything done. The checkout was good and after my father drove us to the Aria hotel, because he had a meeting there. My mom, my two sisters and I walked a bit through the hotel and then we took an automated metro to the Bellagio hotel. The hotel Bellagio remembered me a bit on a castle, because it was very big and there were a lot of chandelier too and all the castle like a beautiful garden or a very nice floor. It had also a hotel, many shops inside and it would not stay in Las Vegas if it hadn’t a casino inside it. One of the best things in the hotels is that they all have a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius inside. Walking with 40 degrees outside is, and now a German saying: Not the yellow from the egg. I thought that the water spectacle at the Bellagio would be all day but it was only between 3 and 12 p.m. and so we walked at the hotel Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc of Triumphe. Then we walked to the hotel Ceasar, which is very, very, very big. A little fun fact at between times is, that we saw more Gucci stores in Las Vegas as in LA and San Francisco together. Ceasers Palace, which is the full name of the hotel, had done everything to make a little Rome in Las Vegas. They had a lot of sculptures outside and inside, the houses were in a roman style and they had even built the colosseum! Everything there was very big and after that we went to the hotel Venetia. This hotel made me crazy! At first it was like every other hotel. It had shops and a casino inside. But at the second floor it they build Venetia with shops, a little river with gondoliers and even the Markus Place with restaurants and so on. It was awesome and that’s a new reason why the US is called the country where everything is possible. Later on, we walked on the strip back to the Bellagio hotel and watched the water spectacle. I wanted to go there at the evening when the sun was already down, but we our flight was a day earlier than we thought. The spectacle was beautiful with all the water fountains and the best was that they “danced” to the music. Then we walked to the New York New York hotel where my dad had another meeting and there we waited for him and picked him up. The way from the Venetian to the New York New York wasn’t very long but with the 43 degrees and carrying my little sister I thought that was a lot longer. Now we were all together drove back to the Aria and then we went to the McLarren Airport. At the check-in there we had some problems. One of our suitcases was 4 kilos to heavy and another was only 15 kilograms heavy. The employee there was very unfriendly and we should put some clothes from one into the other suitcase. That took about half’n’hour and was very boring. But anyway. About 1000 controls later we walked into the airplane and took off. 2 hours after taking off we had dinner and I think I was awake until 4:30 a.m., but then I watched a horror movie and I didn’t wanted to watch the movie until the end. Then I felt asleep and a after sleeping a stewardess woke me up to give me my breakfast. After another movie we landed at the Zürich airport where we went to the airplane to Frankfurt. We took of and then I wanted to write a bit, but the funny thing was that after 5 minutes we the airplane began to land. Maybe you think that the blogpost is now finished, but that’s not. After getting through the controls we only heard someone who was screaming and on our way to our suitcases we saw him. I didn’t knew him but he was very drunk and angry, which isn’t the best combination, because he had lost his flight to his home. Later on he broke his bottle of an alcoholic drink and then about 10 policies which ran to him and handcuffed him. I think they put him into a drying-out cell. Then we walked to our parking, but the metro there didn’t drove and that’s the reason why we had to carry all our package down a big stairwell. But we got there fast and after two hours drove from Frankfurt to our home I’m happy that we are here now. It was very cool to write this all this blog posts and thank you that you have read it. That was the best vacation of my whole life. Australia was very, very cool too, but the US is the US and our tour was AWESOME! And at this point thanks to my parents that they do so nice trips with us!

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