Hotels, Motels and AirBNB

  • AirBNB in Las Vegas (Nevada)
    We loved it! Youssef is great host and responsed fast. 3 Bedrooms. 2 restrooms, large garden with Sauna, Jacuzzi and pool. Modern kitchen, stylish living room and TV room with large wall display. 15 minutes to Strip by car. HIGHLIGHT!
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites Cedar City (Utah)
    Same high Motel quality like in SF. Close to great restaurants. We enjoyed indoor pool and breakfast, we had Mexican Dinner around the corner.
  • Canyon Country Lodge (Escalante, Utah)
    Restaurant closed at 9pm, so we didnt eat here unfortunately. Beautiful Lodge in Escalante
  • Desert Rose Inn (Utah)
    We were blown away because of beautiful outlook to Bluff Mountain! We really enjoyed  indoor pool & jacuzzi, Gym with Mountain View and excellent restaurant (BBQ Chicken, Steaks, Fish, alc free drinks). HIGHLIGHT!
  • Relax Inn (Flagstaff, Arizona)
    Shower smelled ugly, Motel was clean and okay, low budget. Very fast WIFI. Priorities matter. Only free coffee for Breakfast. Directly located at Route 66.
  • Hilton Palm Springs Resort (Nevada)
    by far our most expensive stay. Awesome pool experience with Bar, long lanes, lots of sun beds. Room was Hilton Classic Style. Excellent gym. 1 minute walk away from main street with fancy Restaurants and Bars. HIGHLIGHT!
  • The Hotel Fullerton & Conference Center (LA/Anaheim, Nevada)
    excellent room and beautiful outdoor park and pool! We were disappointed that breakfast closed at 9am, not great for price (18 US$). 2 miles away from Disney.
  • The Westin Los Angeles Airport (CA)
    Excellent as expected! Lots of good restaurant around the corner (but we enjoyed Taco Bells), free Parking Lot next to Hotel. Beautiful outdoor pool, Jacuzzi and large modern Gym.
  • Santa Maria Inn (Santa Maria, CA)
    Lots of Celeb Rooms where John Wayne, Marlyn Monroe or Julie Gardner slept. Old and famous hotel with a small room, not very fancy but unique and still authentic. Bar included with Live Music. We had delicious Mexican Taco Dinner around the corner and skipped breakfast.
  • Red Roof Inn & Suites Monterey (CA)
    Photos looked better on website. We had small breakfast outside at street. Low Budget Motel Style but okay. Empty pool.
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites San Francisco Airport North (CA)
    very nice and rich free breakfast, stylish Motel and excellent value for money.

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