What to see in less than one day in Montreal

We are back on the road! Easter Holidays 2019 are going to take us 5 to Montreal, Barbados and Toronto.

How we were flying

We purchased 5 Eco tickets at Air Canada, from Frankfurt to Montreal. 7.50h flight which was comfortable and food (chicken breast,carots, mashed potatoe, later: wrap with chicken and leek) was decent. My 2 daughters didn’t like the veggie pasta, so next time I need to order kid menus 1-2 days in advance. Note to myself: if your kids are flying with multiple passports, make sure to request visa for the valid passport. Otherwise you need to have fast mobile online visa submission skills when checking in your luggage in the airport counter queue…Movies: „The First Name“ about a guy who wants call his unborn son „Adolf“, a Latino Love Story, Oscar awarded „Green Book“ (I fall asleep) and excellent Podcast with Tim Ferris with Jack Kornfeld about Mindfulness. Fits well to my current book from TC Boyle about Timothy Leary.

Montreal Accomation and Food we have chosen:

We stayed in a Motel called „Auberge St Jaques“ (88 EUR/125 CAN) and got a family room which was nice, comfy beds and clean. 11km from airport and 8 km to downtown. We arrived 1 hours too early, room wasn’t ready yet, so went to next door to a Korean Restaurant called „Shabu Shabu“ and has traditional Hot Pot, spring rolls, Miso Soup, chicken wings and fries. Foursquare Score of 6.5 is correct,could have been tastier. We were pretty stuffed,so couldn’t experience more of Montreal`s fancy Food Scene.

Cathedrale de Notre Dame

We paid entrance fee of 25 CAD and were lucky to join directly a tour guide (in English at 3.30pm) which introduced us to the history of Montreal and this amazing church, one of the most beautiful and impressive in North America. Interesting to see how they managed to build a new church in just 5 years because the old church ran out of capacity. If the architect wouldnt`be dead since centuries, we could hire him for Berlin Airport.It`s quite a large cathedral, full of wooden ornaments and beautiful colors especially around altar which provide a mesmerizing experience. We arrived at the very first warm day of Spring, 20 degrees C. Musicians were played in front of the cathedral, chanting „Ave Maria“ and covering „Wicked Game“ by Chris Isaak – wonderful welcome. I love to have these kind of vacation kick offs .Then we spent 3 more hours downtown, visited town Hall, old harbor with new Urban Garden Bubbles, old Montreal, streets full of Hipster bars, Microbreweries, Art Galleries and Poutine (special Canadian French Fries with different kind sauces) restaurants.Last stop before heading back to our Motel: Cathedrale de Marie-Reine-du-Monde.A Youth Praise and Worship Service was going on, I received a free wooden Cross (my wife tried to prevent it because she complained that I was too old). Last but not least I want to share this Chorus video impression with you about a song I really like

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