Here we go again

Thursday 26th of December 2019

“Here we go again!” But this time we are moving to the other side. This is the first thing I said this morning. I could not believe that we would fly to the US another time. After we ate breakfast all together and then we put our luggage in the car and drove to Frankfurt. When we arrived at the airport, we went to the fast check-in. This means that there is a little machine where you must show your boarding card and then it prints you your barcode label for your luggage and you must glue both sides together. The last step you must do is putting your luggage on the conveyer belt and the machine weights your luggage. If everything is okay and you have done everything well with the barcode it “eats” your luggage and carries it to the airplane you fly with. This whole process was way faster than waiting in the line and talking to the person that does this process usually. After that we ate Pizza at a restaurant and went to the security check. All went fast and well and after 10 minutes we were through it. Now we walked just to our Gate and waited 10 or 15 minutes until boarding begun. Because of my little sister we could enter the airplane faster. I watched 3 movies, read also a bit and programmed also. The lunch at the airplane was good. We had goose with red cabbage, dumpling and some bread. The whole flight went quick and nice. At MCO (Orlando Airport) we went through the procedure of the entry into the US with the officers of “Homeland Security” and this went also well. This time I didn’t make the mistake of the last time :). Then we waited at the baggage claim for our luggage. The first one came after 5 minutes and the second one after 15 minutes. Afterwards we took an Uber to our Motel, which was about 9 kilometers from the Airport. After checking in we ate some chicken at “Pollos a la brasa Mario” and felt asleep very fast.

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