Scaring mermaids

Good morning!
Today I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and wrote the article from yesterday. I coded and watched a movie on Netflix. A nice fact is that in the US are a lot of nice movies which can’t be watched in Germany. I tried also to subscribe Disney +, the new streaming platform from Disney, but it isn’t possible because of my German PayPal account. When my family woke up we went to the breakfast in our motel and I ate waffles with syrup and a bagles with peanut butter. We also planned the next few days. We’re ready for some funny experiences. At 12 o’clock we ate at “Hardee’s”, which was located nearby the “Weeki Wachee Springs State Park” where we went after lunch. The entry fee is at a very good price with 8 $ for kids until 13 years and 13$ for adults. By the way that is the slogan of the Park: “Swimming our tails off since 1947” and “The only city where live mermaids”. The park includes a big mermaid show, a boat tour, a lake where you can swim, three big water slides and some more attractions. First of all we swam in the river (natural spings), then queued for the mermaid show. After half an hour we could enter the theatre. The whole show was about Hans Christian Andersen¨s fairy tale “The little mermaid” which was pretty good. The actors used a tube with oxygen to breathe under water and at some moments of the play an actress got out of a hole which was covered on top of the room and everyone got really scared. My little sister cried heavily. Later we made a decent boat trip where we drove on a river, which was very clear and we could see fish, eagles, other nice big birds. No manatees, so we are saving this experience for tomorrow. The whole day was very nice and now we are at our Motel. Sadly it is too cold to swim in our pool. At the evening we went to the restaurant “Upper Deck” at Weeki Wachee. I ate a delicious ribeye steak with fresh vegetables and potatoes. My dad’s grouper filet (DE: Zackenbarsch, ES: Mero) was to die for. Now we are all tired. See you tomorrow. Good night!

Swimming in Weeki Wachee Springs
Little Mermaid

Boat Trip in Weeki Wachee Springs
Fish Tacos in Upper Deck

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