Tampa and Ford Meyers

Monday 30th of December 2019

Good morning everybody!
Today was another time beach day but let me start from the beginning. We drove to Tampa downtown which was close to Clearwater. Tampa is a nice city with beautiful parks and a beautiful university. There is also a river which flows through Tampa and a river walk where you can walk over a bridge. Next to the river walk were also two museums. One of the museums was an art museum where my father and I went and the other museum was a museum for kids where the rest of our family spent 2 hours. The art museum was good. It has got interesting pieces inside like a huge Aphrodite statue, some nice paintings and also very old items from past centuries like 1.000 BC. Like I said it the rest of my family went to the kids Museum which was next to the art museum. The kids museum was like a huge playground and my little sisters enjoyed it. After that we went to a very good pizzeria, were we ate very tasty pizzas with a thin rand. “Bavaro’s Pizza” – we really recommend it. Then we drove to Ford Meyers. We drove to Cape Coral which is near Ford Meyers which has a very nice beach where we stayed a few hours. The water was not very cold and it was nice there. At the evening we drove to downtown Ford Meyers. It was very crowded with lots of people in nice restaurants. We ate this evening at a fish restaurant. The food we ate was very, very good and tasty. We ate lots of different kinds of fish and shrimps which were very tasty. Ford Meyers has also a nice boat harbor.

University of Tampa

Tampa Skyline 🏙

Cape Choral Beach 🏖

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