Lost Keys

Wednesday 1.1.2019

Good morning!
I hope you all had a good start in the new decade. We woke up at about 8:30 a.m. and then ate breakfast at our hotel. After that we drive to the Florida Keys, to be precise Key Largo. Key Largo is about 2h from Miami. After getting there we went to have lunch at Denny’s. Then we went to two beaches. At first, we went to “Far Beach” which was a nice beach at a lagoon, but the sand there at the beach was a bit hard maybe because it rained the last few days a lot here at the Keys. The water wasn’t as warm as the last days, but it was also nice. The ground was a bit muddy full of grass and plants. A thing where I was very surprised was that there was a sign which was saying that there might be crocodiles in the water. I new that in the Everglades National Park were some alligators but I didn’t know that they were so close. Then after one or two hours we left this beach and went to the next one: “Cannon Beach”. This beach was a bit more crowded than the other one and was about 2 kilometers from the other beach. This beach was not a lagoon because it was at the ocean. This time we didn’t swam at this beach. After all we walked to our car to drove back to our Motel. Funny thing: You can open the door if the key of the car is near. If the key then is placed in the trunk and all the doors are closed you get a little problem. When we realized that the mood began to drop a little bit. But my father called the support of the car rental and after comparing some addresses and names the lady from the support opened our car by remote. I was amazed that this is possible. Now to our Motel: We have a Motel in the middle of Key Largo which is located at a canal where also some boats drive. It has a nice pool where we swam also today and our room has also two plants. It was a nice beach day. Good night and see you tomorrow.

Our Motel at Key Largo Marina
Far Beach, Key Largo
Far Beach, Key Largo

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