NYE Miami

Tuesday 31th of December 2019

Good morning!
After breakfast we decided to drive to Miami Beach but before we got there we stopped at Panda Express. The bridge from Downtown Miami to Miami beach was very nice because from there you could see at the left the houses and huge villas from the rich people and the yachts that they own. A special thing is that we saw so many nice cars at Miami beach this day. We saw about 25-30 Ford Mustangs, 4 Lamborghinis, 4 Maseratis and also 5 Corvettes. Every day since we are here we saw about 3 or more Corvettes a day and lots of Mustangs. The beach at Miami Beach South is very nice. I was very surprised that there were less people than at Cape Coral. After we took a few pictures we jumped into the ocean. Another funny thing to know is that there were a lot of people, mostly women, which made a lot of pictures at the beach and in the water. They spent more time for Instagram then swimming. The water was not cold at all and enjoyed it. We were there a long time and laying there at the beach with the hot sun in the face was very nice. After our time at the beach we walked a bit the promenade up and down and hat a nice look at the restaurants, cars, hotels and also the Lincoln Road. At the evening we ate at a nice Cuban restaurant and at the Ocean Drive were a lot of people also dancing. We stayed there until 10 p.m. then we went to our car to sleep a bit. At 11:30 p.m. we woke up and went another time to the Ocean Drive. Now were a lot of people dancing on the street and the restaurants hat also DJ’s and dancers. The whole street was full of people. At 12 p.m. a very beautiful firework started at the beach. We saw three at the beach with space between them like 1 km and we saw also that there were fireworks at downtown. I wish you all will have a good year 2020.

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