Feed fishes, not birds

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Good morning everybody!
Today after waking up we ate breakfast at our balcony. The view was very nice because it was about 28°C hot and the sky was blue. Then we drove direction to Key West. We made also some stops at nice places. Our first stop was a restaurant called “Robbie’s” where you could also buy some gifts, go snorkeling, drive jet skis, do kayaking and also feeding big fishes, torpans. We bought a bucket with fish to feed them. The bad thing was that there were also lots of pelicans which wanted also fish. One time I wanted to throw a fish to the big fishes, but a pelican wanted also one and he stole it from my hand, and I got a little wound. When I got to the big fishes, I hold a fish near to them and they ate it from my hand. Torpans were about 1m long. Then we went to our car and drove to a State Park where we walked a trail. This trail included a nice walking path to the Atlantic Ocean, a nice walk past little crabs and other animals and also a bridge through a swamp. Then we drove to the island “Marathon” where we ate at a very nice fish restaurant which was delicious. A funny thing there was that there was also a family which went there by their helicopter and left also the same way. The restaurant was near the ocean and me and my parents ate fish there and my sisters ate a cheese quesadilla and a burger. Then we searched for a place to snorkel, but all snorkel tours were completed or the last had been cancelled because of the early sunset. After that we drove to a beautiful beach called “Sombrero Beach”. The sand was very comfortable, and the ocean was blue and warm. It was sad that there were also blue bottle jelly fish because I am very afraid of them after I got stung by them in Australia. We stayed some hours at the beach, and it was very nice there. Then we drove back and jumped into the pool here at our motel and swam about an hour. Then we ate dinner and then my father and I went to a restaurant and pub called “Sharky’s” where a band played live music and it was nice there. Another interesting thing here in the US is that it is very easy to get in touch with people and much easier as in Germany because the people ask you every time “How are you?” or “Where are you from?”

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