Back in Miami, Sunny Isles Beach

Saturday, 4th of January 2020

Good morning, everyone!
Today after eating lunch in a funny bakery we drove to Miami Beach. The Cuban bakery was funny because nearly everybody spoke Spanish and the way they talked to each other was entertaining. We drove about 1 hour and a half to Miami Beach where we’ll stay two days and the apartment is only 3 minutes walking away from the beach. We are now about 16 km North of South beach, where we were at New Year. We had to wait a bit to get to our apartment and that’s why we decided to go to get lunch. We ate at “pollo tropical” which is a fast food restaurant with a lot of chicken. I had a nice bowl with rice, chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and corn. A thing I like in the US that fast food is not as unhealthy as in Germany because it has a much nicer fast food culture here. There are a lot of nice restaurants like “Panda Express” and “Taco Bell” where the food is healthier than at Mc Donald’s. I am sad why we don’t have such nice restaurants in Germany. After lunch we checked into our apartment. It has a big bed inside, a couch where two people can sleep and another little bed which is for my littlest sister. It has also a pool and the pool is very nice. It is heated and huge. After jumping into the pool and swimming there we went to the beach. The water was warm and the sand was comfortable. It was not as busy as South beach because South beach is the most touristic beach at Miami but here at Sunny Island were also lots of hotels. It was fun because the waves were a bit high and you could play nicely there. Then we went outside to relax a bit and to just talk. After this nice pool and beach day we ate at Taco Bell. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant because the food is not as unhealthy as others (mostly Tacos), my whole family can eat something they like (tacos, burritos or quesadillas and nachos) and it has a very big choice of things you can eat and it is not so expensive. That was our 9th day at this US trip. Thanks for reading.

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