Monday 6th January 2020

Good morning everyone!
Today we went after eating breakfast to Fort Lauderdale where we went to the “Everglades Holiday Park”. After we bought tickets for a good price (~33$ each) we could enter one of the Airboats (Boat with two huge fans on the back and not a ship propeller which could hurt the natural habitat of the alligators. Driving with the airboat was fun. On maximum we drove with about 80 km/h and we had a very nice guide because every time we saw an animal (we saw 4 alligators and 6 leguaans) he turned the boat, and everybody had the chance to have look at it. It was also fun because we drove about 5 or 10 kilometers with the airboat, and we didn’t know if we will see an animal and which animal because it wasn’t a zoo and all the animals live in their natural habitat.

After this very nice tour we watched an alligator show where a man made some tricks with alligators and then you could also make photos with a baby alligator for additional 20$. Gator was about 60 cm long and had a little strip about their mouths so they could not open them and hurt people. The park is also a place for alligators that got hurt by boats.

After that we drove to eat lunch at “Hooters”. Hooters has also nice and good food for a small price and is a bit like a mix from diner and restaurant. We sat outside and there were about six or seven screens which showed mostly American football, but also series, movies and other things. Then we went to outlets which were near West Palm Beach (where Donald Trump lives) and bought some clothes at Tommy Hilfiger. Then we went to our motel to leave our luggage there. Then we went to West Palm Beach Downtown and ate Burgers at “Burgerfi”. Downtown is nice and it has beautiful places and most at night with the lights and the buildings. We saw also the launch of the Space X rocket. We wanted to see it because it was planned that it would start the 30th December, but the start had been moved to the 6th because of problems at the GPS. Then we walked only a bit through the city and went back to our motel.

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