Miami Wynwood Walls, Art and Downtown

Sunday 5th January 2020

Good morning!
Today was our second day at Sunny Isles Beach. After eating breakfast at our apartment, we drove to Wynwood which is a district at Miami and about 10 minutes away from downtown. Wynwood is a district where on nearly every house is graffiti sprayed on the walls and it is full of art. We went there because we wanted to see the Wynwood walls. Graffiti sprayers from all the world have made wonderful artwork and you can make photos there or also buy some of the art that are sprayed on canvas. There are some at this exhibition that cost about 100.000$ or more. It was nice to see how creative and how precise some graffiti art can be.

After that we decided to drive to downtown. First, we drove into wrong direction and ended at the harbor of the cruise liners where 5 ferries were waiting. Then we got it right and we saw the skyscrapers and also the “Bayside” Mall where lots of shops and restaurants were. We walked through there and then we walked to “Cheviche’s” which is one of the best restaurants in Miami (what you could also say because a very expensive Ferrari parked in front of it). The Peruvian food was extremely delicious, and we ate fish.

Peruvian Seafood Curry
Ceviche and more

The next thing we did was getting back to our car and driving to another mall where a “Build-a-bear workshop” was because my sisters wanted to go there. The workshop is a store of stuffed animal pets. At first you choose an animal, then a sound that it does when you tap a trigger (music, other sounds or your voice) and then it got stuffed with cotton. The last thing what you could do was choosing favorite smell and clothes for your stuffed animal. The pricing of the store is smart because everything costs extra and only the stuffed animal itself costs about 20$. Everything you buy extra like sound (5$/8$), clothes (10-20$ per piece) and then you have your stuffed animal which costs you about 60-80$ only with one set of clothes.

After buying the most expensive stuffed animals I’ve ever seen we went back to our apartment and jumped into the warm pool. The last thing we did was eating crêpes which were very good.

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