Getting in touch with space

Wednesday 8th January 2020 / Thursday 9th January 2020
Good morning ladies and gentlemen!
Today was an exciting day! After eating breakfast and checking-out we drove to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We were early there and bought at about 10 o’clock our tickets. The tickets cost about 50$ per person. Entering through the security check was fast and it was impressive seeing all the rockets which are very important for the history of space exploration.

me and my sisters

Then we entered the hall of fame where a little movie was shown and a room full of astronauts which were at special missions for the NASA. Then we had a look at all the rockets which were in the “rocket garden”. It was impressive seeing all these rockets because they flew all through the space. There were rockets from about 7-10m height to about 30m height. The longest rocket was laying on metal stabs and not standing vertical. Then we ate something at one of the tasty restaurants which were at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. In the middle of the “plaza” were also three rockets which were simulated by lots of displays and in front of these were pads which tracked if someone walks above them. Then a strip got full and when it reached the top, fog came out from the bottom of the displays and parallel a countdown got accomplished and then the rocket started. At the plaza was also a prototype of a vehicle to drive on the surface of the mars located. After lunch we went to the buses which made a bus tour through “Kennedy Space Center” which is located near the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. While we drove, we saw the main building which is the building where the different parts of a rocket are built together. Then a crawler takes them through a huge door out of the building along special “streets”. The crawler is about 2.700 tons heavy and is only 1 mile per hour fast. The crawler transports the rockets to their launching pads. We saw also one of the crawlers, the streets where they drive and the launchpads 39 A where the Falcon Heavy from Space X launches and 39 B where the new SLS rocket will launch.

SpaceX Launch Basis

The launchpads are huge and some have also lightning conductors. The drives end was at the Apollo / Saturn V Center. In the Center was a original size Saturn V rocket in there. It is the most powerful rocket ever built with a height from about 110m. It was very impressive seeing this masterpiece of science. The big jets (Düsen) at the bottom were huge and getting in touch with the Apollo missions and the landing of the Apollo 11 mission was very cool.

Saturn V rocket

There was also a model from the “eagle” (the landing capsule from Apollo 11). The Apollo missions brought also pieces from the moon to the earth and there was also one that we could touch. It felt very smooth but also a bit rough and it was nice touching the moon. Then we got back to the Visitor Center. There was so much more we could do like seeing a real space shuttle, going into the space shuttle experience where you get boost like a space shuttle, the mars experience and some other cool things. Getting to the airport went fast and it was a 50 minutes trip from the Kennedy Space Center to the Orlando International Airport.

When we got there, we put gasoline in the rental car and brought it back. Then we went through the security check and we must sadly throw the rests of our peanut butter away, but it all went fast. After that we ate dinner at a Caribbean restaurant which was delicious. The next thing we did then was walking to our Gate and then we waited about 20 minutes for boarding. Because of my little sister we could enter very fast and got to our seats. Along the flight I watched two movies and coded a little bit. The flight went really fast because we had tail wind and that’s why we flew only about 7:30h. The food at the flight was good and after passing the entry procedure we got our luggage fast and went to the shuttle service which brought us to our car which we parked outside because it is a lot cheaper than if we parked it at the airport. I was tired and didn’t knew what to do at our way back home, so I decided to sleep a bit and know it’s about 0:45h and I am getting tired. I am happy that so much people read my travel blog because I love to share experiences with other people. Thank you very much!

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