Mar-a-Lago and Cocoa Beach

Tuesday 7th January 2020
Good morning everybody!
Today we were drove to North and had a look at West Palm Beach. Do you know what it is? It’s a city where 25 billionaires live and it’s the home of the POTUS, Donald Trump – the president of the United States of the America. We drove on the oceanside through the district where the riches live. The houses were very big, luxury and mostly beautiful with big gardens. The house of Donald Trump (Mar-a-Lago) is massive, impressive castle from the 1930s. Trump has also an own golf park.


Then we went further up to Cocoa beach with is East from Orlando. We had there a nice motel with a larger heated pool. After eating lunch in an Asian Thai Sushi Restaurant, we decided to go to the beach and to stay there a little while. The beach was nice, but the water was cold and that’s why we didn’t swam a lot of time in the water. After staying at the beach, we went back to our motel where we jumped into the pool. It was nice because it was warm, and it was fun to swim a bit in there too. Fun time to play with my dad and sisters “Marco Polo”, a kind of pool hide & seek.

Mar-o-Lago, House of Donald Trump

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