Korbacher Spalte – 2nd oldest mountain fissure on planet Earth (Korbach Fissure)

Korbacher Spalte (located in Korbach near Edersee / Lake Eder, Germany) is the second oldest mountain fissure on planet Earth. This opening could have happened in an earth quake during the regression of the Zechstein sea, and contained many spectactular fossils like the „Korbacher Dackel“ (Procynosuchus, a pre-dinosaur mix of crocodile and dog). This fissure is around 250 Million years old and there are weekly … Korbacher Spalte – 2nd oldest mountain fissure on planet Earth (Korbach Fissure) weiterlesen

Where to eat, dine and wine in Calafell (Catalonia, Spain)

We have been to Spain many times in last 20 years but didn’t spend 2 weeks full time in Calafell, Costa Dorada, between Barcelona and Tarragona and close to El Vendrell. Let us share with you where we have eaten. Vacation has just started! Burg 66 Av. Sant Joan de Déu, 83 Currently No3 recommenation at Trip Advisor, so we needed to check out their … Where to eat, dine and wine in Calafell (Catalonia, Spain) weiterlesen

Getting in touch with space

Wednesday 8th January 2020 / Thursday 9th January 2020Good morning ladies and gentlemen!Today was an exciting day! After eating breakfast and checking-out we drove to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We were early there and bought at about 10 o’clock our tickets. The tickets cost about 50$ per person. Entering through the security check was fast and it was impressive seeing all the rockets … Getting in touch with space weiterlesen

Mar-a-Lago and Cocoa Beach

Tuesday 7th January 2020Good morning everybody!Today we were drove to North and had a look at West Palm Beach. Do you know what it is? It’s a city where 25 billionaires live and it’s the home of the POTUS, Donald Trump – the president of the United States of the America. We drove on the oceanside through the district where the riches live. The houses … Mar-a-Lago and Cocoa Beach weiterlesen


Monday 6th January 2020 Good morning everyone! Today we went after eating breakfast to Fort Lauderdale where we went to the “Everglades Holiday Park”. After we bought tickets for a good price (~33$ each) we could enter one of the Airboats (Boat with two huge fans on the back and not a ship propeller which could hurt the natural habitat of the alligators. Driving with … Gators weiterlesen

Miami Wynwood Walls, Art and Downtown

Sunday 5th January 2020 Good morning! Today was our second day at Sunny Isles Beach. After eating breakfast at our apartment, we drove to Wynwood which is a district at Miami and about 10 minutes away from downtown. Wynwood is a district where on nearly every house is graffiti sprayed on the walls and it is full of art. We went there because we wanted … Miami Wynwood Walls, Art and Downtown weiterlesen

Back in Miami, Sunny Isles Beach

Saturday, 4th of January 2020 Good morning, everyone! Today after eating lunch in a funny bakery we drove to Miami Beach. The Cuban bakery was funny because nearly everybody spoke Spanish and the way they talked to each other was entertaining. We drove about 1 hour and a half to Miami Beach where we’ll stay two days and the apartment is only 3 minutes walking … Back in Miami, Sunny Isles Beach weiterlesen

Feed fishes, not birds

Thursday 2nd January 2020 Good morning everybody! Today after waking up we ate breakfast at our balcony. The view was very nice because it was about 28°C hot and the sky was blue. Then we drove direction to Key West. We made also some stops at nice places. Our first stop was a restaurant called “Robbie’s” where you could also buy some gifts, go snorkeling, … Feed fishes, not birds weiterlesen