Our flight with immigration problems to San Francisco


Monday the 2nd July 2018

It´s 7 o’clock and it’s too early to get up for me to get to the airport. But my mom said that we must be early there because we don’t know if we’ll get into traffic jam. At this point I have a little story about our last holiday attempt in April: the last time we went to an airport we started eight hours earlier than the flight and the time for the route to cologne (were our plane to Barcelona started) was only 2 hours. The destiny of us wasn’t so nice better said it was terrible. At half way was a big traffic jam with 10 kilometers length (or more) because a truck had a big accident and the end of the story was the plane started without us and at least we kept staying in Germany and didn’t go to the communion of my cousin. But this time we hadn’t problems and we finally we were at the airport in Frankfurt and after the check in, the baggage claim, 1000 security controls and “May I see your boarding passes”, many films and 11 hours later we arrived at the US. It was a very special moment because I didn’t know if it was a dream or reality. I also didn’t know if I would love this country or not. It’s another thing, another world if you are in San Francisco with your own legs and not watching a Video on YouTube about it. I hope I will remember this big trip for many years. Three minutes after arriving we had a little problem with my immigration checklist. I put one wrong answer by accident because I read something wrong and the police officer said we should wait at the small police office near the immigration station. And we waited and waited about half an hour and an officer only said: “May I see your passports?” and were we are going to and I only thought: “Wow. Waiting so long for only a little “May I see your passport?” but it was much better than get arrested or should went back immediately. At the end of the day we only wanted to go to our hotel. The first attempt went wrong because our hotel chain had at the north and at the south of San Francisco. So, our taxi drove us to the hotel at north and at the 2nd attempt we drove to the right hotel. We went to a restaurant near our hotel and ate something but at least everyone in this room is happy to be here but very tired.

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