The Sillicon Valley

Thursday the 5th July

First of all, I want to say to you that a lot of people speak Spanish here. That’s very nice because if I don’t know something in English I can switch the language and say the word I don’t know. Today I woke up at 7 a.m. and after I changed my clothes and took a shower we went to the breakfast room in our hotel. My Spanish mom said at this time that she has struggle about the bagels. A little explain for that sentence: The breakfast room was always full of people and it was difficult to sit down and the bagels were sometimes empty. My Spanish mother always turn on into panic mode about the food, fearing that her kids would eat too less. After that we went to pick up our drone which my father crashed in front of a tree. But the drone is now okay (thanks to FixaCrash) and I hope that we can make some nice drone shots. Another point at my list of impressions I want share with you is that highways here have always potholes and that is freaking me off. The second thing is that most of the houses at the suburbs look the same as the houses in much series like the Simpsons with the dry grass and the wood fences. Most of them are also colored in colors that not much houses in Germany have like green, red or blue.  At first we saw the big Facebook campus but we could not enter. At second we tried one of the Amazon Web Service offices but there was the same problem. Colleagues from my Dad were on vacation, so we couldn’t meet them. Later on we saw Google, better said the Googleplex in Mountain View and there we could go onto the campus but there were all restaurants and shops closed because most of the employers had taken a holiday day after the 4th of July. The Google Campus is very huge and cool with his parks and the bikes which someone can take to a little ride through the campus. The next campus we had a look at was Apple. It was my highlight of the day. First we went to the official Apple Store in the campus and then we had a look at the now Apple Headquarter: Apple Park (Campus 2). The building is like a donut made of glass and steel. It was awesome to see. Then we went to our motel in Monterrey and to the beach. After all we went to fisherman’s wharf and had a look at the shops and restaurants but at least we don’t want to eat in a “tourist restaurant” and we went to a Hawaiian restaurant which was delicious and super cool.

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