From California to Arizona

Wednesday the 11th July

Today was a driving day. After waking up in one of the best beds I’ve ever slept in we left California und we went to Arizona. Our first stop was the Joshua Tree National Park, a huge park 1,5 hours away from Palm Springs. My father hat torturated us the whole journey until the park with the music of U2. He wanted us to like this music but I dont. My parents sang all the drive, but thanks to God that he gave us noice cancelling earphones. My dad wanted to drive through he park because it was impossible for us to hike with my sisters and the heat. The problem was that we were running out of fuel and my mom hat a nervous crisis and she didnt allow us further to drive. My dad was disappointed but I could understand my mom. No fuel and no food in the park. Just a nightmare for a Spanish mom! There are a lot of cacti and fascinating rock formations. The air was difficult to breath. It was dry desert air. We were surrounded in colours beige and brown in all directions. It was amazing! We drove to the highway and there was peace again in our car. This dry and desert landscape with mountains, rocks and no vegetation accompained us the whole way until Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. The air was sticky and I could not breath almost 40 Degree Celsius. It was a little bit cloudy because it had rained a little bit. Nevertheless we did not find the devil there! We went for a little walk and we went in an American restaurant named Hooters. A little explaination for that: There only serve girls under 30 with hotpants and short tops. My dad wanted to eat there. We visited St. Mary`s Roman Catholic Basilica. It was really beautiful and fresh, not too hot: good contrast to Hooters. We decided to drive further after lunch because it was too hot. We wanted to sleep at Flagstaff. It was amazing how much the landscape changes just a short distance outside Phoenix. We left the desert views and there was suddenly vegetation. In Camp Verde we saw real forests with warning signals because of elchs. You could think that you were driving through Europe. Everything was green! Just wonderful! It rained in our way to Flagstaff and so the temperature sank until 15 Degree Celsius. We had a temperature schock! Our motel is on the Route 66. It is a little bit loud because oft he railways and cars. It is no fancy at all but nevermind! I am tired. See you tomorrow!

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