Discovering hotels

Monday the 16th July

Today after getting up at 10 o’clock I changed my clothes to my swim clothes and jumped directly into the big pool which we have here at our house. It had been already 40° Celsius at the morning, but at the pool it had been a good temperature and even outside it was not as hot as I expected. My dad showed me how to take an uber yesterday and today was my first attempt to book one. After eating lunch, I tried it and it worked fine! For all the people who don’t know what uber is: Uber is like a taxi, but you can also drive as hobby and you can say inside of the app which kind of car you want (normal car until four persons, six persons, a luxury car and some other forms too), where the driver should pick you up and your destination. It’s even cheaper and faster as normal taxis and that’s why I use it. But now I’m going to tell you where we wanted to go: First of all, we went another time to the Mandalay Bay hotel, because we wanted to visit the aquarium there and the polar expedition zone. Getting there was very easy and fast. There we walked through nearly the whole hotel to get to the aquarium, but it had been worth. At the aquarium we saw crocodiles, a lot of fishes, a lot of sharks and jelly fishes. There was also a little pool where people could touch some rays. Some of them felt slippery and some felt a bit rough. Do you know these tunnels where outside fishes swim? There were two of them and I saw some of these already many times, but it’s very cool every time I see one of these. After that we went dining and later on we also went to the polar expedition zone, which didn’t had penguins, but some cool games about the Arctic and ant Antarctic. It wasn’t as cool as I expected but it was even better for my little sisters. After that we went to the most famous sign in the whole world: the “welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Walking to it we didn’t see people walking, but at the sign were about 50 people in a row and I only asked myself how could so many people just wait there. It was really, really hot. We  took round about 100 pictures and it was very cool. Later on, we walked to the huge main entrance of the Mandala Bay and the hotel and casino Luxor too. The Luxor is in an Egyptian design and it has even a huge sphinx in front of it. The main building is a very big like 200-meter-high pyramid made of black glass. It has a casino inside, a few theaters, a lot of shops and restaurants and it’s a hotel. Directly after walking through the sphinx we saw a very big gate made of sand and lions beside it. There were even screens at the wall were the check in was and they played music videos there. The Luxor is difficult to describe in words…better you watch a picture of it under this blog. After having a look at it we wanted to go back to Mandala Bay by tram but it took us to the Excalibur hotel and casino and this hotel is in a design of a very big castle in the middle of Las Vegas. The good thing is that you can order an uber taxi from all Las Vegas and that’s the story how we got back home. It was a very nice day today. Good Night.

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