Let’s go to the Circus!

Tuesday the 17th July

Today after waking up, jumping into the pool and playing there for 2 hours with my two sisters, my sister Raquel (11) wanted to go shopping in the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. And so we took an uber and went there. The Outlet was very big with about 50 shops or something. First we went there to Tommy Hilfiger, because I wanted to buy some flip-flops for me, but I didn’t find a cool model. Then my sister wanted to go to Michael Kors to buy a bag. She bought one for 300$ but it was in sale and she “only” payed 80$. Then we went to the Disney shop there to buy something for my other sister and my cousins. We also ate at the outlet and then we took another uber taxi to go once more into the city and we went to the hotel and casino “Circus Circus”. A funny thing that I realized is that most of the hotels are from the movie company “MGM”. MGM must make millions or maybe billions every year only in Las Vegas, but that’s another story. We were at Circus Circus to explore the hotel from inside, but the main thing why we were there was that it had as individual special a little theme park inside of it. The theme park had roller coasters with loopings, a free fall tower, some carousels and other kids attractions, a lot of arcade game machines, a laser tag arena, a 4D cinema and a lot of more things. We went there about 3 p.m. and I was there until 6 o’clock p.m. which was the time when my father and his colleague picked me up to drive to the Red Rock National Park, which is only 20 kilometers outside from Las Vegas. We were there to fly our drones. It was very cool and I hope that the shots had been also nice. At one moment a helicopter came from nowhere and flew between our and the drone from the colleague of my dad. It was very close and we had nearly a crash. The climate was a bit colder as at Las Vegas Downtown and the sky was clear. After the fun there my father drove me another time to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus and there I went to my mom and my sisters to ride a few more things. We kept there until 10 p.m. or something and when we were already at the main entrance I realized that I hadn’t a WIFI connection there and that was the reason why I had to run another time into the hotel, take an uber from there, run back and after 5 minutes of waiting our uber finally came and drove us to our house. I kept awake until 1:30 a.m. in the morning, because I took the Laptop from my dad with me and so I could write the last 3 blogposts. Now I’m very, very tired and so I only have to say one thing: “Good Night to you!”.

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